French Touch

Expatriation in France

French Touch: for a smooth expatriation

Our goal: to prepare and support you in your new life abroad

Listening to your needs

By bringing you the expertise of Western culture

By helping your loved ones to integrate as well as possible into your new place of residence

LiFe! offers you its expertise in the format of a package or VIP. Choose with flexibility the services that will be useful for you.

French Touch FORMULA

Getting ready to leave

Understanding the customs and habits in France

Daily life in France, administrative and security issues

Intercultural management

Successful professional insertion in an intercultural environment

French for Business

Master the basics of business French


Settling-in services (advice and support in finding housing)

Help with the integration of the family (coaching for the spouse, advice on the choice of schools, integration into the sporting and cultural life)

Post-installation assistance and follow-up (administrative procedures and daily life)

French language and culture courses

Support for the return to the country (promoting the expatriate experience and professional coaching)

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